United is proud to invest in you by providing you with Link, a state-of-the-art device equipped with tools and information to help you do your job. Link contains United proprietary information and we appreciate your efforts to keep it secure.

The replacement cost of Link is expensive, and it's important that you realize the value of safeguarding Link and Sled at all times.

  • If Link is broken or damaged we will replace for you at no charge.
  • You are responsible for the replacement fee if lost or stolen:
    • $300 for iPhone (which is significantly less than the cost of the device)
      • One lump sum or 2 installment payments
    • $75 for Sled
      • One lump sum

United is offering an Annual Recover Protection Plan (RPP) to reduce exposure to replacement fees in the event of a lost or stolen Link/Sled device.

The details of the plan are as follows.

  • $30 per enrollment year
    • Covers 1st replacement of Sled
    • Covers 1st replacement of iPhone
  • The cost of this plan can be paid by credit card or payroll deduction.
  • Coverage begins the day you make your election and runs through June 7, 2020
    • The cost is pro-rated based on the date you make your election
    • If you make no election you are automatically Opted-Out
  • Enrollment can be made outside of initial enrollment period
    • You will be required to provide your Link at your base for verification prior to enrollment.



Safeware enrollment period postponed to Fall 2020.
Any questions please see your supervisor.