United is proud to invest in you by providing you with Link, a state-of-the-art device equipped with tools and information to help you do your job. Link contains United proprietary information and we appreciate your efforts to keep it secure.

While the replacement cost of Link is over $1,000, we have put in place the asset recovery protection plan for $30 a year enabling you to reduce your cost if the device is lost or stolen.

  • If Link is broken or damaged we will replace for you at no charge. However, if Link is lost or stolen the replacement charge will be $300 which is significantly less than the cost of the device itself. This charge is waived for the first instance of theft if a police report is submitted within 10 days.
  • If you desire an option to reduce exposure to a $300 replacement fee, there is a recovery protection plan available.

Recovery Protection Plan

The current year of coverage began June 7, 2018 and runs through June 7, 2019. If you did not make an election prior to June 7, 2018, you have opted out. If you did not opt in for the protection plan, you still can, you will need to go to your Base. You will be asked to show your Link and sled. After your Link and sled are verified, a Base Supervisor will input a code into the Safeware site, allowing you to make your Opt-In selection. If you do not elect the recovery protection plan then you are responsible for the $300 replacement fee (for the phone, sled or both) in the event of loss or theft.